Beer taps on an airplane

Beer taps on an airplane, this will be a good flight!

After a long hiatus, we are back with a beer and food adventure to top all beer and food adventures.
Stay tuned as we bring you updates from the road.

Unhappy with the current island I’m on, I’m waiting for the day to come when I can board a series of planes to go to a warmer island.

“2 pounds of Canadian Lazy Maple, maple-smoked bacon into Cuba. Cost…. $3.99 on sale at Metro in Toronto. At Palco, a one-half pound pack of just regular bacon is priced at a whopping 8.20 CUC. So the two packs that cost me $7.98 Canadian in Toronto would have cost me 32.80 CUC here in Cuba. And that’s regular bacon, not the maple smoked.”