Metric in Victoria BC

Metric in Victoria BC

The Metric concert in Victoria BC tonight was a sad sound to bear to the 3/4 full arena. Emily Haines delivered the lyrics with enthusiasm but was let down by poor acoustics and poor balance on off the mixing board. The hour and a half set covered their hits and a few lesser popular songs. With a couple of the songs undergoing the Pink Floyd treatment of meandering musical extensions that didn’t do any favors to the overall concert.  Lastly the concerts visuals were a mix of epileptic educing strobing &  seedy club lighting that made the show unwatchable during some parts.

Audio: 4/10
Visual: 4/10
Band: 6/10
Overall: 5/10

Moon Under Water sign

Moon Under Water sign

After a long wait, good beer with affordable food has come to town!

Getting into Moon Under Water mere hours after they opened we finally got to try the new beacon of affordable micro brewed beers (Currently on tap are a Pale Ale, Bitter and a Rye Beer) and good pub food that won’t break the bank.

Being that it was their soft opening there are still some features to be finished.  Along with the important things like hot food (Some of the hottest food I’ve been served in an Victoria restaurant in quite some time!) and perfect temperature beer, there are nice touches like the bar tops and table with their lacquer finishes. A fire place in the center of the pub, along with another one in the alcove just in from the front door, and rotating artwork around the room.

The food options are restricted at the moment until they get their feet firmly on the ground. But there certainly wasn’t a shortage to pick from.

Starter Menu

Starter Menu at Moon Under Water

Opting for a wide selection of food choices, items tried at our table included the chicken burger with salad, chicken pot pie with salad, fish and chips, beef burger with fries and onion rings.Everything was hot and quite tasty, and paired well with the beers ordered. Average check ran around $20~25 including beer, food and tip.

The stand outs here were the onion rings with a smokey sauce. The batter hung on and stayed crispy. But the big surprise was the salad! Salad that wasn’t the decrepit sad looking lettuce that you see in all too many restaurants these days. This salad was actually a pleasure to eat!

Onion RingsChicken Pot PieFish and Chips


There’s still work to be done on finishing the place up, but I think Victoria might have a new local’s favorite place for a pint and a good quality meal while still leaving a few dollars to pay that parking ticket off you got earlier in the day downtown.

Moon Under Water
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
350B Bay Street

With some new trips on the horizon, global cured meat looks like it may come “sooner rather than later”.

Tip of the day:

Gap adventures is giving away some very cool books

I am surprised it has taken this long to bring a long overdue product to market! I know I will be ordering this for myself and all my friends.

Unhappy with the current island I’m on, I’m waiting for the day to come when I can board a series of planes to go to a warmer island.

“2 pounds of Canadian Lazy Maple, maple-smoked bacon into Cuba. Cost…. $3.99 on sale at Metro in Toronto. At Palco, a one-half pound pack of just regular bacon is priced at a whopping 8.20 CUC. So the two packs that cost me $7.98 Canadian in Toronto would have cost me 32.80 CUC here in Cuba. And that’s regular bacon, not the maple smoked.”