Central City Tap Girl

The Central City Tap Girl lets patrons know what's on tap.

Day started off with some questionably cold bacon and a rain soaked drive to central city brewing but hopefully this won’t detract from the upcoming drinking.

This my first visit to the Central City Brewing pub in Surrey, BC. I was impressed by the flow of the restaurant. They had smartly broken up the casks so that only two to three were at one station. This kept down the clustering of people around the beer.

There were approximately 24 casks with a strong representation of IPA’s.

However, there were also some very out of the normal casks present such as Storm Brewing’s “Rootbeer” or Driftwood’s sour “Belle Royal” to the amazing complex and much loved and discussed Howe Sound “Menage a Trois” using a blend of three fruits.

Along with the cask festival I did manage to get a private tour where I got to chat with one of the brewers about their Raspberry Wheat ale. Currently one of the products not canned for sale off site. Because over 70lbs of local raspberry puree is added the residual sugars would still give the yeast enough to munch on that it could be unstable or at worst they would eat the raspberry flavor out of the beer, leaving you with a less than raspberry beer. When you pass by I recommend you pick up a growler of this.

Tofino Brewing Owners

Tofino Brewing Owners Brian Omally & Jonny Jenkins.

Also present were two of the owners of Tofino brewing, one of BC’s newest microbreweries. I am looking forward to seeing their offerings at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in September.

Thank you to our hosts Central City Brewing for an exceptional festival. I look forward to many return visits.


Pick up a growler of Raspberry wheat from Central City.
There’s a T&T grocery store in the basement of the mall that hosts Central City.

Additional Information:

Winners of ‘Best Brewery in Canada’ at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards
Central City is open seven days a week from 11am