Central City Tap Girl

The Central City Tap Girl lets patrons know what's on tap.

Day started off with some questionably cold bacon and a rain soaked drive to central city brewing but hopefully this won’t detract from the upcoming drinking.

This my first visit to the Central City Brewing pub in Surrey, BC. I was impressed by the flow of the restaurant. They had smartly broken up the casks so that only two to three were at one station. This kept down the clustering of people around the beer.

There were approximately 24 casks with a strong representation of IPA’s.

However, there were also some very out of the normal casks present such as Storm Brewing’s “Rootbeer” or Driftwood’s sour “Belle Royal” to the amazing complex and much loved and discussed Howe Sound “Menage a Trois” using a blend of three fruits. (more…)