The brewmasters and owers of Peaks Pub in Port Angeles

An afternoon with the brains behind Peaks Brew pub.

So you’ve lived in Victoria for years now and you have grown a little tired of the same 30 beers available at the various pubs around town.

You’ve had the Berry Ale at swans every summer, you’ve seen hundreds of float planes land from the deck of Spinnakers, you have tried every beer that Phillips has ever made.

So where is a fan of great beer to go if you don’t want the expense of going to Vancouver or the need for a hotel in Seattle?

Port Angeles!

For $30 Black Ball Ferries will take you to Port Angeles give you a few hours to explore the city, pick up a home made lunch from Peaks or Safeway (1/2 a block away) and experience amazing beers and have you back in downtown Victoria in time for dinner.

Head brewer Jeff (pictured above, 2nd on the left) brews every batch on site in a glassed-in brewery. Using top quality ingredients from both Canada and the USA, and typically has around 6 taps of his own nano brewed beer on tap. (Though some times taps run out) and if that wasn’t enough to keep you occupied all afternoon owners Ed and Wanda (pictured above, middle) have an additional twelve guest taps that could contain anything from a brewery you’ve never heard of to a Belgian Lambic.

With most of the draft beers priced under $4.75 (tax inc) when we were there and the current exchange rate you certainly won’t be needing to count your pennies as closely as in pricier Victoria. If there are truly too many to decide on one to start with they conveniently offer a taster tray of 5 beers for $5.

Now clearly you’ll need some food to go with all that beer you have just ordered up, and Ed’s killer chili comes highly recommended and stands up to its name as far as I’m concerned.  However if your palate demands something a little less intense then the chicken burgers are a deserving choice. Consisting of a fresh bun, lettuce, tomato cheese and a real piece of chicken and not a reconstituted patty with chips for $6 will leave you in a happy mood seeing that after beer and lunch you still have money left in your wallet!

Just when you thought you had a great day trip, with good affordable beers and a very good meal things go from good to epic! Owners Ed and Wanda also have a fridge full of hand picked bottles from all over ranging from a few dollars to $20 for a rare ale. These bottles are constantly changing and will offer something different on every trip to the frequent visitor.

Pros: Amazing hosts Ed, Wanda, Jeff and Becky will talk to you for hours about beers if they aren’t too busy. The food is delicious and priced extremely fairly (The size of their kitchen is amazing). Black Ball Ferries makes a day trip very easy in the summer. Everything is within walking distance of the docks.

Cons: Black Ball doesn’t run frequently enough in the winter to do a day trip (check their schedule to make sure you can get there and back). You may find yourself faced with too many options and have to make multiple trips back.

Additional information:

Want to extend your stay? There is a Quality Inn up the street from the Pub that offers a complementary breakfast, free WiFi and is within walking distance of the Pub, Safeway and downtown.

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