What to pick?

At times it was a hard pick.

Spinnakers threw a very well received Firkin Festival Nov 20th. While a few short of the published 20 casks the 15 provided certainly didn’t leave any attendee I talked to feeling deprived. There was a wide range of styles from Golden Ales to rum infused hybrids to a beefy barley wine.

With a limit of only 100 tickets the upstairs tap room filled consistently till the home stretch around 3:30pm and while full, it was still possible to move around the upstairs and make your way to a cask when you were ready for that next sampling of fermented elixir.

Big props to the staff who seemed to be working at 100% to ensure beer and food were in hand in short order, no small task if you saw the maze of hungry people your food had to get through. The nachos proved to be a reliable favorite especially with the pulled pork on top. While later their sausage roll hit the spot and went amazingly well with any beer I paired with it.

Gingerbread man beer

Gingerbread Beer was very good

But amongst all the chatter and beers there were a few interesting highlights, one of these was the green tea truffles that when paired with Lighthouse’s Bunker-A simply had a wow factor that was unmatched the whole night. Another treat was being able to talk to the brewers right in the room and get some rare insight in to the making of the beer they had brought.

I look forward to the Spring Festival to see what you’ve all created by then.


Bunker-A (Lighthouse)
Gingerbread Man (Big River)
Applejacked (Crannog)

Room for improvement:

The trade-marked mens room dance at Spinnakers.


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